finocchiona: artisan columbus

Seasoned with wild fennel seeds which gives it an alluring cool, sweet flavor – an intriguing balance to the mellow texture and  aroma of 90-day aged coarse ground fresh pork.

prosciutto di parma: emilia romagna

This amazing product takes its name from the town of Parma where these prized hams are salt-cured and air-dried over 16 months in the heart of Emilia Romagna. These world-famous hams are prized for their meaty and salty flavor.

coppa: creminelli
The name refers to the prized whole cut of pork that is used: a perfectly marbled, perfectly clean  shoulder cut that is dry-rubbed, massaged, marinated and then air-dried.

calabrese salami: alle-pia

An Italian dry sausage that is traditionally made with only pork meat. Seasonings are added in addition to hot peppers, which assist to add a very spicy flavor to this type of salami.

barolo salami: alle-pia

This robust salami, bursting with flavor, features Barolo wine from Italy along with the finest fresh spices. This traditional artisan salami is known in Italy as Salame al Barolo, a meat delicacy that comes from Piemonte in Northern Italy, the birthplace of Barolo wine.



Brunet: Piemonte      

Taking  its name from a local breed of goat, Brunet is Alta Langa’s answer to an all goat milk robiola. Under its thin bloomy rind, the interior is dense, thick and lusciously creamy. The flavor is tangy and distinctly goaty with hints of fresh grasses, mushrooms and heavy cream.

Pecorino crosta nera  di pienza: Toscana            

This cheese is produced in the Orcia Valley from sheep’s milk cooked at 30-32° centigrade. It is a very simple and young kind of cheese. Its paste is white and flaky, and its taste is dry and unique.

Gorgonzola dolce D.O.P: Piemonte             

Creamy, melting and spreadable, it is the best known version of Gorgonzola on the market. Guffanti’s Gorgonzola is distinguished for the great care with which it is produced, sorted and aged.

Parmigiano Reggiano “Vacche Rosse”

The milk of the red cow has higher butterfat content and contains more protein allowing a longer period of aging, requiring a minimum of 30 months, compared to the 24 month. Its unique nutty, fruity, grassy flavor is richer than most Reggianos and its texture is somehow creamier, although aged longer.

Taleggio latte crudo  D.O.P: Lombardia    

Due to the different production methods and ingredients used, this particular Taleggio differs from the classic version and more closely reflects the thousand-year-old tradition of the valley where this cheese comes from. Produced with raw milk from other small farms situated in Valtaleggio, it is processed in the local farmers cooperative. This is where the milk of two milkings is left to cool and then heated to the working temperature (but not pasteurized) and processed with the addition of lactic cultures. This Taleggio has a very rough pinkish rind, while the interior is very creamy near the sides and more crumbly in the middle. It has a pronounced, slightly sour but very mild taste, and the raw milk processing conserves all the fragrances of the grassy mountain pastures

Stracchino di Vedeseta                                                   

 Stony-gray and amber rind, scored with deep grooves. The paste is ivory in color, soft but not oozing, with occasional eyes. Pleasantly pungent in aroma, in flavor the Stracchino is milder than some Taleggio’s, but saltier, with a buttery, sweet, meaty, slightly tangy flavor and grassy, nutty notes